Shoppers search for those special buys at Hub City Flea Market

JACKSON, Tenn.—The Hub City Flea Market returns for the first weekend of the month… and this month is filled with love.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, people shopped for some bargains for the special someone in their life. There were many vendors selling Valentine’s Day products.

Rachel Walker, owner of Safeview Products is taking advantage of the market ahead of the holiday.

She says she wants to show people how to have everlasting love. She says her best selling products are forever flowers. These flowers are silk artificial flowers that Walker says will only die when your love for that person dies.

“So, this year we decided to just do the flowers because it was something different, right? Everyone does the candy and the cards and stuff but, hey… at our booth you’ll find something different and unique and it’s very thoughtful. So that’s what we go for every year, is to give someone something thoughtful,” Walker said.

Walker says she sees an increase in sales around this time. She says it seems like when love is in the air, so are sales.

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