Black History Month 2023: Juanita Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. — Each week in February, WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News is celebrating Black History Month by telling the story of West Tennesseans.

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Juanita Jones

Juanita Jones, the founder and Executive Director of Keep My Hood Good, started the campaign in east Jackson back in 2009.

Their  goal is to guide and help the local children and youth who live in poverty, while teaching them to break generational curses.

“Trying to understand what is really happening, what is the underlying problem as to why this is your behavior or why,” Jones said. “What is your struggle? And then I realized, they are just trying to survive.”

Keep My Hood Good is serving as many as 26 students from local schools each week, teaching them the principles of accountability, excellence, integrity and respect.

“Thirteen years later, it’s like, wow. We did it and we’re going to continue to break these generational cycles,” Jones said.

Jones said it took about 10 years for her work and dedication to be recognized. But that did not stop her from moving forward.

“I am grateful that people are seeing my movements. They’re seeing a need in our community,” Jones said.

She says all children need an advocate.

“It is our responsibility to help our children because they did not ask to be here,” Jones said.

Jones has previously been recognized as a Hub City Hero for the City of Jackson and received the Multiplying Good Award.

Jones says it is important to celebrate Black history every day, and not just the month of February.

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