Fire department installs signs for emergencies, smoke detectors

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — A local fire department will install a new address sign for you so that they can easily spot your residence in case of an emergency.

The Madison County Fire Department is installing reflective green address signs for your front yard. These signs cost $20.

“And these provide first responders the opportunity to better see your home at night or during the daytime to identify your home in case of an emergency,” Madison County Fire Department Chief Inspector Brian Kemp.

The department is also installing free smoke detectors in county residents homes for the statewide initiative called, “Get Alarmed, Tennessee!

Madison County Fire Department

“These smoke detectors provide early activation, early warning for a fire in the residence, and early activation means life-saving measure can be taken quicker to get a resident out of a home,” Kemp said.

Fire officials say that a residence needs three to five smoke detectors depending on the size of the home.

“Each bedroom unit needs a smoke detector inside of that and there needs to be smoke detectors in the outside areas of the house. Also, hallways, utility rooms, laundry rooms, stuff like that,” Kemp said.

You can get your own free smoke detectors by calling the Madison County Fire Department and requesting for smoke detectors.

When you call, they will schedule an appointment for them to come out and install them.

The department says that smoke detectors are free for city residents too through the Jackson Fire Department.

To schedule a time for your address sign or free smoke detectors, call the Madison County Fire Department at (731) 424-5577.

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