Icy roads lead to bumpier rides in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — After last week’s icy storms, the roads could now present some problems.

The street department says they work everyday at repairing potholes in Jackson. When they find a pothole or someone reports one, they send a crew out to assess the pothole.

“We have crews out inspecting the street everyday, and sometimes if we have a good rain or something, it may not hold. And the next day or so we’ll come back and repair it,” said Johnny Weddle, the Superintendent of the Street Department in Jackson.

When they begin repairing it, they will first clear it of any debris and then begin filling it. In the winter, they say they have to use a coal mix because the asphalt plants are shut down. This coal mix is a temporary solution they use to fill potholes until the warmer weather allows them to repave the road.

“Most of the time you’re asphalt plants will close up between November, open back up about the last of March. So that’s what we are waiting on now, when those plants open back up, so we can go back and repair those spots,” Weddle said.

To report a pothole to the Jackson Street Department, you can call (731) 425-8530 or use the Ready311 app.

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