‘Destroying the neighborhood’: Local home boarded amid public nuisance claims

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Authorities in Dyersburg have sought to have a residential property declared as a public nuisance.

According to a Facebook post by the Dyersburg Police Department, on Tuesday, authorities executed a Petition for Abatement of Nuisance and Request for Injuctive Relief at a property located at 1513 Tarrant Street. Police say the home is owned by Samuel L. Bush.

The post states that since February 2022, Dyersburg police responded to 39 calls for service and made 10 arrests at the location.

Police say that officers who executed the temporary nuisance order on Tuesday discovered nine people on the property, including five that were in a shed that was also being used as a residence.

The post says that numerous hypodermic needles were found on the property, as well as other signs of extensive drug use.

According to police, all of the individuals were ordered to vacate the property, and several animals were removed by the Humane Society before crews boarded up the shed and residence.

Bush was ordered to appear in court Friday morning, where according to court documents, he agreed to a six-month monitoring period of the residence. The conditions include not allowing any overnight guests that are not immediate family, not possessing or using any controlled substances at the property, not playing loud music during overnight hours, and more.

Court documents show Bush must also pay restitution of $769.71 to the City of Dyersburg Public Works Department at the rate of $100 per month.

The temporary public nuisance order on the property remains in effect until April 19, when Bush is expected to return from a rehabilitation program in Brighton, Tennessee. At that time, Bush may resume residing at the residence, on the condition that he follows all of the requirements to maintain residency.

Dyersburg Police Chief Steve Isbell released the following statement regarding the situation:

“Pursuing this type of action on a homeowner is not something that we take lightly. The alleged activity at this property was destroying the neighborhood. It required these measures to ensure the safety of the residents and to restore the quality of life for them. This should serve as notice to property owners, both business and residential properties, that they will be held accountable for criminal activity and excessive Municipal Code violations. The residents of this neighborhood did their part by reporting the activity to the Dyersburg Police and the City of Dyersburg Codes Department. We appreciate the residents for their patience and understanding while working with us on the investigation. This was a team effort and it would not be possible without District Attorney General Danny Goodman partnering with us. A special thank you to Assistant District Attorney General Andrew Hays for all of his work on this case and the Dyersburg Public Works crew.”

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