Pet of the Week: Briggs

This week’s Pet of the Week from Hero West Rescue is Briggs!

This is Briggs but his mama calls him meatball. Maybe that’s because he likes to eat so much. He does love treats!

His mama calls him her shotgun rider because he always wants to sit in the front seat for rides. He doesn’t understand why he can’t sit in her lap when she drives.

When going for walks, he walks well on a leash. He really won’t leave your side. He is just as sweet as he is handsome.

Briggs favorite pastime is playing with his fur-sister. They like to run around and play outside stealing toys from each other to see who can run the fastest.

When he is not running and playing he likes to cuddle on the couch.

Briggs is really good at keeping his mama warm at night. His mama says that he hogs the bed and covers, but he is just doing his job to keep her warm and safe.

Please make Briggs part of your family. Being a good boy is what he does best and he will give you lots of kisses after a long day at work.

Briggs is still working on house training and learning not to jump when excited to see you after a long day.

He might not be a smart dog, but he knows what love is! Briggs is the best boy!

While we would like to say that love made him grow so big, he is most likely a Great Dane Mastiff Mix.

He is a young-adult dog, kennel trained, leash trained, dog friendly, and perfecting his house training too.

If you are interested in adopting Briggs or any of the other available dogs, contact Hero West Rescue at (731) 313-7778.

You can also visit the Facebook page at or email:

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