Local students learn dangers of impaired driving

UNION CITY, Tenn. — High school teens get a look into the reality of driving while impaired.

Unite’s Arrive Alive Tour is the nation’s #1 ranked drunk and distracted driving awareness event, as well as the first-and-only marijuana driving simulator in the country.

The Arrive Alive Tour uses a high-tech, state-of-the-art simulator that allows participants to drive while distracted, drunk, or drugged in a fully functioning vehicle without moving or being intoxicated.

The simulator allows participants to experience the real-life dangers without the real life consequences.

“Here in Tennessee, you are four times the national average for texting while driving accidents, so that’s why we’re here in the state all week,” said Haidie Martinez, Safe Driving Awareness Instructor. “And then we also do the marijuana impairment now that marijuana has been legalized over the country, and some of the information isn’t out there about how it affects your driving.”

“Obviously over the years we’ve had a lot of programs here at Union City High School, but this is a very interactive program with a virtual reality type setup, so they seem to be very receptive to it,” said Raphe Whaley, Senior SRO Supervisor for Union City School System.

The fatal crash rate for teens is three times greater than for drivers age 20 and over, and driver distraction is responsible for more than 58% of teen crashes.

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