Auto expert discusses transition to electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity as the automotive industry continues on whether to phase out gas powered models.

But the switch may be leaving many with questions.

Electric Vehicles

We spoke with automotive expert James Bell, from Kia, about electric vehicles and the concerns that surround them.

Bell says we are currently in a transitional period from gas powered to electric powered vehicles, and though it may not be seamless, it’s rapidly approaching with the continued advancement of technology.

He says many may be concerned about the range of an electric vehicle, but electric vehicles are more than capable for everyday needs.

“We’ve got a great battery system that’s high speed charging, but that also does about 300 miles of range like on this EV6. So that’s about the right space. And when you think about it, the average American drives about 30 miles per day. So something that gives 300 miles of range is more than enough,” Bell said.

Bell went on to say that the main difference between gas and electric powered vehicles is the driving experience itself, saying electric cars give you a much quieter and luxurious experience.

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