Severe Weather Awareness Weeks continues in Selmer

SELMER, Tenn. — Being weather aware never ends, and the more you know the better.

Coon Creek Science Center is bringing severe weather awareness to different West Tennessee classrooms.

Thursday marks the fourth day of Severe Weather Awareness Week, focusing on severe thunderstorms.

An intern with the science center stopped by Selmer Middle School with weather trivia games and even some scientific demonstrations.

“We’re talking about what severe weather is, how to be safe, how to identify it, and really trying to engage kids with more hands-on experience, some science experiments, that sort of thing. Trying to keep their experience and kind of keep it up here what’s going on and how to stay safe,” said Shaley Dawson, a graduate intern at Coon Creek.

Classes will continue at different schools until the end of April. This is also the launch of the Science Center’s many summer programs to come.

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