‘Sexualized’ performances, housing discussed as legislators gather in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Three state legislators were together Friday morning talking about what work is being done at the State Capitol.

Representative Johnny Shaw, Representative Chris Todd, and Senator Ed Jackson each spoke about things they are specifically focusing on with their work at the Capitol, including childcare shortages, public and private roads, and also potential tax cuts coming this year.

People attending the event asked Representative Todd about a recent bill that would ban “adult-oriented performances that are harmful to minors” as defined in Tennessee’s Obscenity Law. This stemmed from the controversy over drag shows in state, including one here in Jackson.

“This bill was carefully crafted so that we wouldn’t be catching any kind of entertainment that’s artistic, that is even scientific in nature,” Todd said. “There is some entertainment that would be classified as that. Normal entertainment is not going to be affected. These are performances, what was outlawed and clarified in this law, performances that are sexualized in nature, that have some form of nudity.”

Attendees also asked if Tennessee had any actions that were taking place, or if the state was planning to provide more affordable housing to residents in the future. Representative Shaw says it’s being discussed.

“But I don’t think anybody has any specific plan other than the local mayors,” Shaw said. “I can tell you in Hardeman County, our local mayor is already building houses. It’s a matter of the municipalities having the resources, or getting the resources to do that. And I think it’s going to be a partnership coming up I believe to do that. Because we are gonna need housing for sure, and affordable housing at that.”

The Capitol Talk event provides a forum for members to meet their state senators and representatives in a Town Hall type setting.

The next event will be March 24 at the Greater Jackson Chamber, located at 197 Auditorium Street in Jackson.

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