Expert breaks down February’s top Google searches

JACKSON, Tenn. — As February comes to a close, we look at the the most common Google search trends throughout the month.

From the Super Bowl Halftime show, to the possibility of finding aliens, the month of February was filled with some interesting Google search trends.

Marley McAliley, a Google Trends expert, tells us that this month saw a massive rise in Google searches for extraterrestrials and aliens, stemming from the balloon sightings.

However, Tennessee was a little bit different.

“Odd news, this past month we saw a lot of search interest in the extraterrestrial and aliens. Because you know there was a lot of headlines around this strange balloon in the sky over the past month,” McAliley said. “And that got a lot of people thinking, you know, could it have potentially been a UFO? Are UFOs real? So we saw search interest in ‘are aliens real’ triple over the past month. And a lot of people were wanting to know ways they can learn more about aliens or get into the mood of extraterrestrials. People were looking up alien movies as well. In fact, actually Tennessee is the only state in the country that was looking up ‘Predators’ more than ‘Aliens’ as a movie.”

With Valentine’s Day passing, Tennessee’s most popular search for ways to celebrate was a spa day.

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