Three types of crashes shown to Gibson County students

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — A local high school looked like an accident scene on Wednesday.

South Gibson County High School had unique demonstration for their seniors about the dangers of drunk driving.

The scene was staged to look like a DUI car crash. There were actors, damaged cars and a medical helicopter showing what happens after a crash where alcohol was the primary cause of the incident.

“Eighty-one times a year is how many times a drunk or drugged driver drives our roadways before being stopped and arrested. Remember, there are only 80, 52 weeks in a year,” said Amy Richardson, the School Health Coordinator.

Officers and first responders came out to show students the potential risks of driving while impaired.

“So we do mock crash every year to educate seniors on the importance of safe driving. We address drunk driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving. We want our seniors and all of our students to be safe during prom season and year round. If we can even save one life doing this, it’s all worth it,” Richardson said.

The coordinators of the event shared that they feel it is important to have this be an emotional presentation. They say this is so that the students can really see the potential dangers of driving while impaired.

“We want to get students’ attention, and to really bring this home that this can happen. We don’t want it to happen here. So we do make it emotional so that students can identify with it,” Richardson said.

This program has gone on for over 15 years.

The program goes to around six different high schools in the Gibson County area.

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