TN pageant winners show support to local athletes

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. —Local pageant winners gave back to their community in a different way.

Miss Tennessee Volunteer, Miss Tennessee Teen Volunteer and Miss Tennessee Iris Volunteer were in Adamsville celebrating the Adamsville High School softball team and their fundraiser pageant to help the team buy more equipment.

To start the event the Miss Teen, Iris, and Miss Tennessee Volunteers had a meet and greet with the softball team and other members of the community.

Attendees got to talk with different pageant winners over tea and snacks. The event ended with a fundraiser pageant for participating contestants.

“I am very excited this is my first time being out here and being at a tea and pageant. It’s very very fun and meeting all these different people, and all these little girls, it’s very motivating and inspiring and I just want to be here again and again,” said Annie Zhao, Miss Tennessee Teen Volunteer.

This week Miss Teen Volunteer America will be happening here in Jackson, March 9 through the 11 at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

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