Officials talks power outage priority, traffic light protocol

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some were left confused on the road after the severe weather last week.

Traffic Light

After the storms on Friday, March 4, power outages were reported all throughout West Tennessee. These outages affected Jackson stoplights as well.

“When it happens as quick as it did on Friday, when that gust came through around what 10:30, 11 o’clock, it was immediate power outages all over town at one time,” said Leslie Jones, the Operations Manager for the Jackson Energy Authority.

We reached out to the Jackson Energy Authority to determine their order of importance when getting the power restored.

JEA officials say that they first focus public health facilities, like hospitals. They say that public services, like police stations and fire stations come next.

The next priority is restoration that turns on the power for the most people.

As for stop lights, they said they get turned on when the surrounding neighborhood gets turned on, except for one condition.

“I would say anywhere that has a high traffic area, you got to get them on as quick as possible. Sometimes it’s just not, it falls on the list,” Jones said.

When a stoplight isn’t working, the Jackson Police Department recommends that the first vehicle that comes to a complete stop at the intersection goes first.

If two vehicles arrive and stop at the same time, the one on the right goes first.

Then, if two vehicles stop at about the same time and are facing each other, the one making a left turn yield to the one going straight through. Otherwise, both vehicles proceed straight through at the same time.

They also say that in all cases, yield to pedestrians.

The Jackson Energy Authority said they are still working hard to restore power in some areas.

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