Life-saving tech to be placed around Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — A first-of-its-kind life-saving technology will be stationed in several areas across the Hub City.

Friends of Heart, the City of Jackson, Jackson Fire Department, West Tennessee Healthcare, Medical Center EMS, Med-Link dispatch, and Avive Solutions are partnering to ensure everyone can become a first responder.

4-minute City is saving lives from sudden cardiac arrest in Jackson by placing the Avive Connect AED technology across the city.

Friends of Heart has already purchased 250 devices and the city purchased an additional 100 devices so far.

Friends of Heart Director, Caitlin Clark says they’re looking to add more devices by the end of the next quarter.

“Those minutes matter so much when someone is down in sudden cardiac arrest. So if you can be a part of that, to help get that shock on someone down the street from you, you know, across the subdivision, even in your own household, that’s going to make that difference. We cannot save someone without that shock,” Clark said.

The City of Jackson Fire Department is creating a team of community members that are trained with the skills and equipped with the tools to step up when it counts and save lives from sudden cardiac arrest occurs.

Click here for more information on training sessions that only take as little as 10-minutes to teach you the three simple steps you need to know to save a life.

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