Bill aims to rename state’s handgun carry permit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A bill proposed by state legislators aims to rename the handgun carry permit.

House Bill 1005 would change “handgun” to “firearm” in Tennessee Code.

“Basically three different things, by changing our language, not creating any new crimes or relieving any crimes that we currently have on the books, but relieving that infringement on the Second Amendment, allowing 18 to 20-year-olds to carry Constitutionally and with permit as we have been ordered by court,” said Rep. Chris Todd during the Civil Justice Committee on Wednesday.

Several officials shared their concerns on the bill, including Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David B. Rausch, Commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security Jeff Long, and a representative from the Governor’s Office.

Rausch shared concerns about amending the language to “firearm.”

He pointed to evidence from other states, referencing Texas and Ohio, who have already allowed citizens to open carry any firearm.

“And they do that, what happens is public alarm goes up, not surprisingly,” he said. “So there are two challenges there. One is on those who are legally carrying and the other is on law enforcement. The one on those legally carrying, of course puts them in a position of trying to make a decision on the safety of themselves and others. What we have seen on these other states is where that conflict happens.”

Rausch says the same thing can happen for law enforcement, causing people to call on them to determine why a person may be carrying a long rifle in a public setting.

Long and the representative from the Governor’s Office also stated similar concerns as Rausch.

No action was taken on the bill on Wednesday, and it was moved to the Civil Justice Committee for March 15.

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