Lady Chargers win second state championship

MARTIN, Tenn. — After a win to remember, one team competed to do it again.

Lady Chargers

The Westview High School Girls basketball team, the Lady Chargers, went to Middle Tennessee State University to take their shot in the state championships.

This game held an even bigger weight this year, as the Lady Chargers won the 2022 championship.

“Just getting back and doing it again in the back-to-back, it’s tough. The first one, the first one is tough also. And then to be able to capture it and do it again is, I don’t know, it’s something that I told the girls in two or three years from now, and five or 10 years from now, they’ll look back and see what all they accomplished. And they’ll still be smiling probably,” said Brian Haskins, the Head Coach of the girls basketball team at Westview.

Lady Chargers

Not only was the team able to walk away with the trophy, but also with the joy of a record being broken.

“Maryanne Chester was unbelievable this week. And you know, she had three threes in the championship game and went three for three actually. And then Brigance set a state record as far as to go percentage that had been held for 40 years. And then our three guards were pretty good all weekend,” Haskins said.

Their coach shared that all the girls played with everything they had and it really payed off. Even after the win, the players were still pumping with dedication to their sport.

Lady Chargers

“In our team reach, there were several comments and questions about, ‘Hey, are we practicing this morning?’ And we were like, no, we’re going to take a few weeks off, you know. And so I think that tells you a little bit about the character of them and their work ethic,” Haskins said.

The Lady Chargers ended the game with 56 to 37.

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