Local group learns of Jackson’s utility history

JACKSON, Tenn.–One group took a look at the history of the Hub City in a new way Tuesday.

The Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society met to learn about Jackson’s utility history.
At the meeting, Jackson Energy Authority Communications manager Steve Bowers presented “Let There be Light: The History of Jackson Utilities.”

The program explained the history of utilities in Jackson and the people who got us to where we are today.
Bowers said gas systems started in 1871, followed by water systems and electricity in the 1880s.

Bowers said what drove the development of utilities here in Jackson was the desire for street lights in downtown, but electricity really found it’s marketplace with trolleys.

“In those days trolley transportation was important downtown. You still had bicycle services and bicycle delivery folks and everything else. So people got around with trolley, down Royal and all through the main areas of downtown,” said Bowers.

Bowers says the history of utilities is a different way of looking at Jackson and a reflection of how our lives have been influenced by the development of utilities.

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