Fundraiser for Inclusion Park to be held March 25

JACKSON, Tenn. — One non-profit aimed to change the lives of those living in Carroll County.

Carroll County Inclusion Park

The Carroll County Inclusion Park is a non-profit organization with one mission: to help the children in the county.

A few years ago a group of Carroll County residents identified the need for an all-inclusive park that children with or without disabilities could play at together with no issues.

“And so we realized, talking to other families, how beneficial and how much this is needed for our area. There’s nothing like this where a playground is accessible and encourages that peer-to-peer play,” said Lori Dillahunty, the Head Chair of the Carroll County Inclusion Park.

The inspiration for the park came from Gabriel’s Garden at North Park in Jackson. Dillahunty thought it would be a great idea for a park in Carroll County to have an inclusion swing that allowed people with disabilities to play on the swing set.

After a short period of time, the idea blossomed from a swing to a full playground.

“Within a week and a half, we raised $11,000 for this one swing. And so that’s when people like teachers, physical therapists that we knew, families started saying this is something we very much needed in our community,” Dillahunty said.

Allison Williams, the Education Chair for the Carroll County Inclusion Park, said the main point of the playground is for all children to be able to play side-by-side and for something to be available for all children regardless of disabilities.

They also addressed the need for the park to be accessible to those with disabilities.

“And to teach the children that this is not a park for people with disabilities. It’s a park for everyone, and how it’s so valuable for everyone to learn and play together,” Williams said.

The Carroll County Inclusion Park will cost $700,000. So far they have reached $80,000 in the bank and another $130,000 in pledges.

On March 25, they will host an event to raise money for the park called the Come Together Gala at the Carroll County Civic Center.

This gala will feature a wide variety of things to do, such as an inclusive fashion show, booths featuring 11 local boutiques, and a silent auction.

Floor seats are sold out, but balcony seats, which are still available, are $10. Sponsorships are still available for those interested.

“When they go to a sponsorship tier, they also are getting their name on a brick or a plaque at the actual park when that is to be opened. So that is the benefit of being an actual sponsor,” said Krystal Tippitt, the Social Media Chair for the Carroll County Inclusion Park.

For more information about the Carroll County Inclusion Park, you can check out their Facebook page.

They can also be reached at (731) 358-3847 or

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