Walk With Ease coming to a close

JACKSON, Tenn. — When it comes to exercising, a lot of people would rather workout with a friend.

The South Jackson Community Center began a new program on February 6 called Walk With Ease.

Walk With Ease At The South Jackson Community Center

“Basically what we’ve been doing is walking for six weeks, teaching the proper way to walk, teaching stretching and things that you’re supposed to be doing and being aware of while walking, after walking and before walking,” said Whitney Billingsley, the Community Engagement Director for Jackson Recreation and Parks.

As the program is coming to an end in this location, one participant chose to share her experience.

“I started coming here when I was having issues with arthritis. And since I’ve been in this program, I am doing so much better and I will continue this,” said Cleo Norman, who participates with Walk With Ease.

“This is an added benefit to some of those who are already staying active, but it’s also more fellowship and fun. So they’ve enjoyed that part of it. So it’s not just the physical, not just walking, but it’s also getting to know each other in a different community and, you know, just live life to its fullest,” Billingsley said.

Walk With Ease At The South Jackson Community Center

“I love it. Love walking with the others. It’s inspiration to me, you know, it keeps me going,” Norman said. “Walking Ease program, it is for everybody. You need this.”

Walk With Ease will officially end on March 17. But plans are in the work for the next six week cycle in a new location that will be announced at a later date.

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