City of Jackson elections to be in early May

JACKSON, Tenn. — Election time in the City of Jackson is in early May, bringing the chance for change in several positions.

Sample Ballot Of The City Of Jackson May 2, 2023 Election

The sample ballot shows six mayor candidates, Ray Condray, Scott Conger, Daryl Hubbard, Paul Sherrod, Lisa Williams-Lyons, and Jerry Woods.

Three of the nine council seats will be contested in District 1, District 5 and District 6. The ballot does give room for each position to have a write-in as well.

With numerous candidates, there is an opportunity for a second round of voting under specific qualifications.

“The only time you would have a runoff in the city council is if you have a tie. And you will have a runoff in that race as well, if there is a tie. But in the mayoral race, it’s 50 percent plus one. That candidate has to get that vote count. If not, we go to a runoff,” said Lori Lott, the Administrator of Elections for the Madison County Election Commission.

Only 18 precincts will be available on Election Day, and there is a change that will affect some residents.

“If you are voting, are supposed to go to Lester’s and you live in the city, you will vote at the Meridian Baptist Church. There’s 357 voters, approximately, that will actually be allowed to go to the Meridian Baptist Church instead of driving out to the Lester’s,” Lott said.

Early voting will be held April 12 through April 27 at the Election Commission Office at 311 North Parkway.

Election Day for the City of Jackson will be May 2.

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