‘Sound the Alarm’ connecting residents with free smoke alarms

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson American Red Cross, alongside volunteers, got together on Friday to start part one of “Sound the Alarm.”

It is a program that brings information and resources to residents’ front door.

“The beauty of this program is this time, we’re just gonna go out and walk through and there’s no signup necessary,” said Darius Jackson, Community Disaster Risk Reduction Manager for the American Red Cross. “However, if we miss your residence and you’re interested in getting a smoke alarm in place, by way of American Red Cross, you’re free to go on our national website and request the smoke alarm.”

The focus area of this Sound the Alarm will be residents of east Jackson. And some residents may come home to a memento.

“Today we’ll be presenting a lot of door hangers, so each house that we come by, we’ll knock on the door or leave a door hanger if they’re not there,” Jackson said. “The other part that makes this event different from next week’s events, next week we will have the fire department out with us also helping to participate in get out that education.”

The Red Cross shared 47 fires have been reported in the Jackson area, and they have been able to service 134 people.

One volunteer shares his passion behind getting involved.

“I’ve been a firefighter for 16 years now and I’ve seen how smoke detectors can help save lives,” said volunteer James Martin. “So it’s a no brainer, and there are free smoke detectors. Ten year batteries. No reason not to have one.”

The goal is to serve 75 to 100 houses on March 25, but in order to accomplish that goal, more volunteers are needed. Volunteers can meet at the Red Cross in north Jackson at 19 Stonecreek Circle.

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