Court records reveal details in north Walmart stabbing

JACKSON, Tenn. — New details regarding a stabbing inside the Walmart in north Jackson last week are now available.

Stabbing At North Jackson Walmart

According to court records, on March 15, Maurice Jackson was observed on a security camera at the Jackson Walmart located on Emporium Drive.

During his time inside of the store, he was seen taking a knife out of the packet in sporting goods. He then walked around Walmart with the knife in his hand.

As a Walmart employee passed by Jackson pushing a shopping cart, records show Jackson attacked the employee, stabbing him in the right shoulder.

The employee ran and Jackson began pursuing him. According to the employee, they could allegedly hear Jackson shouting, “Somebody is going to die today” as he was chasing them.

Officers with the Jackson Police Department confronted Jackson inside the store and saw him holding the knife. Officers then took Jackson into custody.

Jackson’s court date has been reset to March 29 at 1:30 p.m. Jackson is currently being held at the Madison County Jail with a bond of $750,000.

We reached out to Walmart corporate for their statement on the incident. However, we have not received a response.

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