Rockabillys host benefit for National Down Syndrome Day

JACKSON, Tenn. — Players came together for a good cause.

Local teams played baseball at the Rockabilly Stadium Monday night.

Union City and Jackson Christian played against each other, followed by Madison Academic and South Side High School.

The teams competed in an effort to raise awareness for down syndrome and raise donations for a local down syndrome advocacy group.

President of the Baseball Booster Club at Madison Academic, Natalie Sorensen said the event is about more than just raising funds.

“The more funds we can raise, the more research can be done. But honestly, it’s just getting people to be aware that people with down syndrome are just like anybody else. We all have different challenges in our life and they are people,” Sorensen said.

The annual event will continue Tuesday with three more games. The first game will start at 2 p.m.

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