Event teaches women about the impact of substances use on kids

HENNING, Tenn. — An event was held to teach women about the dangers and impact of substance use on children.

The educational session, hosted at the Tennessee Department of Correction’s Women’s Therapeutic Residential Center in Henning, showed women who are incarcerated the devastating effect of substance use.

“Victim impact education is vital in helping to rehabilitate those who have been incarcerated,” said Jennifer Boyd, Director of Women’s Services for the Tennessee Department of Correction. “Activities like this allow them to gain clarity on how their decisions have affected others and help them understand the seriousness of their actions.”

The women were also able to put together Timbi packages that included stuffed animals, books, and toys for law enforcement agencies. They will go to children impacted by substance use for comfort and support.

For more information about the Tennessee Alliance for Drug Endangered Children project, click here.

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