New tool to help with C. diff

Washing your hands can be a tool in both protecting against numerous infections and stopping the spread of the infection.

One infection this approach is known to help in is C. diff.

C. diff is an infection that thrives when there is a decrease of good microorganisms inside the body.

“When C. diff takes over, patients get a lot of challenging symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, fevers, sweats, among other things,” said Dr. Paul Feuerstadt, a Professor at Yale University School of Medicine.

“The C. diff was so painful, and I couldn’t be with my kids. I couldn’t even hug them. I hadn’t missed out on work and stay home. My holidays were impacted. I had to stay home and miss out on all of the family events,” said Patricia Alonso, a C. diff survivor.

Alonso also shared that Rebyota helped in her battle with C. diff as it can be recurring, and highly contagious.

For more information on this bacterial infection, click here for information from the Centers for Disease Control.

Find more about Rebyota here.

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