GALLERY: Jackson dog show begins, to continue into weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — Dog handlers and breeders from all across the nation are competing in the Hub City.

Thursday marked the first day of the dog show in Jackson.

This competition is being held at the Jackson Fairgrounds, which is being put on by the Jackson, Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association and the Tupelo Kennel Club.

The competition is an all-breed competition and works by having different breeds of dogs compete in varying trials, such as best of breed, obedience trials, and more.

“We are competing for confirmation, and what we do is compare the dogs to the structure of a standard. And whoever is actually the closest to the standards is who gets picked to be number one. So they’re not technically competing against each other, they’re competing against a written standard,” said Bailee Rodgers, a handler.

Thursday was the preliminary competition. The winners of the preliminary rounds will come back later and compete against the winners of the other classifications.

“And that’ll be at the end of the show. That’s what you get to see at the Westminster shows. That’s what you see on television, is the best of breed going against the best of breed. And they’ll pick the winner of that. Then they’ll have the best of show,” said Cathy Jones, the Show Chairman for the Jackson, Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association.

“I love it, but you’ve got to be out of your mind to do this because here it is, it’s rainy. And I just have tremendous passion for the breed, and for excellence, and for showing. And, of course, I love my boy, and love to represent the breed. You know we’ve swept to all the different shows, all over the country, trying to get ranking,” said Dina Burke, a handler.

Another positive of the show is the economic boost it can bring to an area. With all the handlers, breeders, owners, and families, it brings more business to an area. A study was done by the American Kennel Club and they found that, on average, a three day show contributed $516,000 to the local economy.

“So I mean it’s just, you know, like people love sports or their team. So, I’m about the dogs,” Burke said.

The dog show will continue every day until Sunday, March 26.

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