JPD helps local women be prepared for danger

One group has come together to learn how to better protect themselves in a time of danger.

JACKSON, Tenn. —Jackson Police Department held their Women’s Self Defense class this afternoon.

According to Lieutenant Childs, this class was just a small taste of of everything attendants can learn, like awareness and physical altercations and overall how to protect yourself.

This is the fourth defense class, if you’d like to sign up you can call the Jackson Police Department and ask for Captain Hartford

“Some of the things that we do in law enforcement on the norm, we get to share that with other people in the community because when you’re in trouble, it’s you at that time that’s in trouble. It’s definitely a good feeling to know that someone is getting the tools that they need to protect themselves,” said Lieutenant Jehonathan Childs, Jackson Police Department.

If you’d like someone from the police department to come and teach a self defense class, you can contact the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

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