Baby goat exhibit to be offered at select Rockabillys games

JACKSON, Tenn. — Family nights out at the ball game just got a lot cuter!

The Jackson Rockabillys and Tractor Supply are partnering to present the Tractor Supply Kids Korral at select games.

A release says during every Sunday and Tuesday night home game, baby goats will be at the stadium for kids to pet, hold, or take pictures with.

“Tractor Supply is excited to partner with Jackson Rockabillys baseball!” said Obie Hedrick, Store Manager of Jackson Tractor Supply. “We believe in enriching children’s lives with agricultural experiences such as the Kids Korral, our hands-on, interactive animal exhibit. What could be better than combining two things our customers love – animals and America’s favorite pastime!”

“Since we announced our team name last summer, we have told everyone that we hoped we could occasionally have baby goats here. In speaking with the super folks at Tractor Supply, Obie said – let’s do it!”, added Rockabillys President Dennis Bastien.

According to the release, the custom-made Kids Korral will be assembled by Tractor Supply for these special games.

Additionally, the Rockabillys revealed “Billy the Kid,” — a.k.a. Little Billy — with the introduction of the Tractor Supply Kids Korral banner.

The release states the Rockabillys continue to work with corporate partners for an exciting inaugural season, and plan to release a list of additional nightly and special promotions later this week.

You can find more information on the Jackson Rockabillys on their website and Facebook page.

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