Former office manager testifies in Jeff Young trial

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Witnesses were called to the stand Tuesday in the trial for “Rock Doc” Jeff Young.

Heather Goslee, a former office manager for Young, was called to the stand as the government’s first witness.

Goslee went with Young as he opened PreventaGenix in Jackson.

Goslee told the court, “I believe he knew he was overwriting. I discussed it with him.”

Goslee went on to say that the pharmacy would call her, concerned with the prescriptions that were being written, and that she “was worried about him getting in trouble.”

Goslee also claimed that Young would prescribe her, and other employees, various medications when they told him what they were struggling with.

Also during the proceedings Tuesday, the defense introduced the fact that Young was going through a divorce during this time.

Young is facing charges related to a 2019 federal opioid investigation that resulted in charges for numerous medical professionals in West Tennessee.

We will continue to provide updates on-air and online as the trial progresses.

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