Signs protesting gun violence appear throughout Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — After new forms of expression appear in one local city, questions arise on if they will stay.

Gun violence crimes have been appearing in headlines throughout the year, as 130 mass shooting incidents have been reported, according to the Gun Violence Archive website.

The most recent incident took place on March 27 in Nashville, with the tragic school shooting that resulted in the deaths of three children and three adult victims. The shooter was also fatally shot by officers, who prevented the death of more victims.

In Jackson, signs appeared seemingly overnight, with messages in protest of gun violence.

Signs could be found on the North Highland and Parkway intersection and the intersection of North Highland and Allen Avenue.

The signs were placed in the mix of the mayoral candidate and city council candidates signage.

The signs appear to be hand drawn, with pictures of children with their hands raised.

The signs also show X’s drawn instead of eyes, and on the majority of the drawings, there is a hole in the poster board with red material attached.

Words and phrases could be seen on the signs, such as “Enough,” “Policy and Action,” and “Stop the Killing.”

We spoke with officials with the Jackson Planning Department, who say the signage will be reviewed for the proper positioning, as any signage in the right-of-way that has not been previously approved must be removed.

If the signage is not in the right-of-way, then the signs will not be picked up, as a part of freedom of speech.

The Gun Violence Archive shows that since January, 26 shootings have occurred at elementary or secondary schools in the U.S.

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