Threats made towards West Tennessee schools under investigation

HENDERSON & DECATUR COUNTIES, Tenn. — Following the terrible events that happened in Nashville earlier this week, threats of the same thing happening at two different schools in West Tennessee were reported on social media and heard by students.

The first one being Decatur County Middle School. We were able to speak with the Decatur County Schools, who informed us that two students had heard about threats and they informed the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office who did some investigating.

Their investigation found there was no credible evidence to these threats, however they did have extra law enforcement at the school today to ensure that the kids would stay safe.

The second threat was in Lexington at Lexington High School, which received some threats spreading around on social media. They went on a soft lockdown at the school.

There was an extra police presence as well as Homeland Security. Lexington police set up cameras at the entrance to the parking lot. The parking lot looked a bit empty, so people may have stayed home due to the threats.

School officials told us they were investigating as to where the threats came from and who might be responsible. They focused on keeping their students safe throughout the day.

Friday afternoon, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department released a statement saying the threat circulating on social media originated out of Florida.

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