JPD hosts a very special egg hunt

JACKSON, Tenn. —Local law enforcement put on an Easter egg hunt in an interesting way.

The Jackson Police Department hosted the first annual Easter Explosion at the Rockabilly’s ballpark.

This Easter egg hunt may be different than anything you have experienced before. Easter eggs that make noise. This allows blind or visually impaired people to be able to enjoy the thrill of an Easter egg hunt.

“We found a bomb investigator, back in 2005 who had a blind daughter. He has to watch each year how his daughter had to miss out on Easter egg hunts. So he came up with the idea, that he wanted to do something for his daughter to be able to participate in Easter egg hunts. He began doing some online research and found that there was a center for blind children in L.A. who were building beeping Easter eggs,” said LTD. Travis McNatt, Jackson Police Dept.

JPD’s bomb unit was going through their national forums and found this idea and wanted to do the same thing here in Jackson to give back to the community.

LTD. Travis McNatt, JPD

“And he brought those plans back from L.A. Started hosting events in the Birmingham area. Shared that on the forum that we have with other federal agencies and bomb squads across the country. We picked up on it and said what a great way for us to engage with our citizens and our community by doing the same thing,” McNatt said.

While this was the first time JPD has hosted this event, they plan on making it an annual occurrence. Registration is needed in order to be able to participate next year.

“Yeah, so in the future we plan on advertising through the website. If you go to that website, you’ll click on the link for police, and that should be the first thing on the top of the page as we approach Easter each year is the link to register there,” McNatt said.

Over 15 people registered for this year’s event.

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