TikTok attorney: China can’t get U.S. data under plan

SAULSALITO, Calif. (AP) — Under intense scrutiny from Washington that could lead to a potential ban on TikTok, the top attorney for the social media platform and its Chinese parent company ByteDance defended TikTok’s plan to safeguard U.S. user data from China and said it will continue to develop its new app called Lemon8.

The comments come as TikTok is under intense scrutiny over concerns it could hand user data to the Chinese government or push pro-Beijing propaganda and misinformation on its behalf.

To assuage concerns from U.S. officials, TikTok has been emphasizing a proposal to store all U.S. user data on servers owned and maintained by the software giant Oracle.

TikTok maintains it has never been requested to turn over any kind of data and won’t do so if asked.

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