2 EF3 Tornadoes Confirmed From Friday, Next Storm Threat Coming Wednesday

Monday Night Forecast Update

Monday Night Forecast Update for April 3rd:

The National Weather Service is still working on the full report from Friday, but they did confirm an EF3 Tornado near Covington and another one in McNairy county. We are still waiting on the official results of the tornado surveys from Friday via the NWS. The next storm threat will return late Tuesday night, but the most likely time for severe storms will be here Wednesday afternoon and evening. We are not expecting a repeat of Friday but a tornado or two cannot be ruled out. We will talk about what we can expect in Jackson and have the latest on the timing of the potential storms coming up here.

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It will be a mild and warm night across West Tennessee. Southerly winds will bring gulf moisture back to the Mid South increasing the humidity leading to a warm night. We will see partly cloudy skies and overnight lows will only fall into the mid 60s across our area. We are not expecting any rain.

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Another regional tornado out break will be possible Tuesday but the big storms should stay just west of the Mississippi River. A few late storms could try to hold together late Tuesday night but should weaken quickly overnight as they move into West Tennessee. We are currently under a marginal (1/5) for most of West Tennessee but places near the Mississippi River need to be weather aware Tuesday night.

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Tuesday will be the warmest day of the year so far with most of us reaching the mid 80s. It will also be windy on Tuesday with southwest winds between 15-20 MPH most of the day. Tuesday night lows will only fall down to the upper 60s.


The greatest chance for severe weather this week looks to be coming on Wednesday. We are not expecting anything like what we saw last Friday but some severe storms and even a tornado or two cannot be ruled out. The storms will return in the afternoon and evening and move to the west as the evening progresses. The storms could linger until around midnight before crossing the Tennessee River. Right now we are under a slight (2/5) risk for severe storms.

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An potential upgrade to an enhanced looks possible but it is not a certainty for sure. Wednesday highs will reach the mid to upper 70s and Wednesday night lows will fall down to the mid 40s behind the cold front. It will be windy most of the day with the winds changing from the southwest to the north as the front passes Wednesday night.

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Thursday will be a little cooler behind Wednesday nights cold front. Highs on Thursday will reach the upper 50s and Thursday night will be a cool again with lows back down in the mid 40s. We will stay out of the 30s and have probably seen our last freeze this Spring. The winds will come out of the north all day long and we are not expecting any showers in the afternoon or evening and should be dry by sunrise Thursday morning across West Tennessee. The clouds will move out some into the afternoon making for a partly cloudy day.

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Friday looks to be a little warmer than Thursday with highs reaching the low to mid 60s. We are still expecting dry conditions on Friday as the winds will continue to come out of the north. Friday night lows will fall down to around 50°. The winds could shift back to the east or southeast as we get going overnight and into the upcoming weekend. Mostly cloudy skies are expected for most of the day.


The weekend looks mostly dry as of now and although a shower or two cannot be ruled out, we are not expecting any storm activity or anything of concern for Easter Weekend. Highs on Saturday will be in the mid to upper 60s and Easter Sunday highs will reach the low 70s. We are expecting the winds to come out of the east most of the day Saturday and back to the southeast on Sunday. Both weekend morning we should be around 50°. Sunday night lows will fall in the mid 50s as we head into Monday morning. Skies will remain mostly cloudy over the weekend although there will be the occasional peaks of sunshine both days.


March started out chilly but the humidity and warmer weather returned by the end of  month leading to a regional tornado outbreak March 31st. The next chance for rain and storms is coming on Tuesday/Wednesday, no winter storms are currently in the forecast and we have likely seen our last freeze of the Spring.  You need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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