Bus drivers discussed by school leaders

JACKSON, Tenn. — School leaders met to discuss the increases in the transportation team’s driver fleet and driver retention.

Jackson Madison County School System Bus

Increasing the transportation team’s driver fleet has been a significant goal for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

The two-fold mission of retaining drivers and adding to the team has been a challenge, but they are beginning to see growth.

The school system didn’t lose any drivers over the winter break.

“I was looking to make a career change and my wife played tennis with someone that actually was a bus driver and suggested that to me, talked to her, and decided to give it a try,” said James Avery, a bus driver for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

“And just to be a part of a quality team that when you wake up every morning and you go to bed at night, knowing you’ve done a service for the community,” said Tim Gilmer, the Chief Support Services Officer for the school system.

The Jackson-Madison County School System is currently at 71 full-time bus drivers. If they can get to 90, they will be fully staffed.

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