March 2023’s Hub City Hero named

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new Hub City Hero has emerged for the month of March!

2023 03 Hub City Hero Katie Hale With Mayor Conger

The City of Jackson announced on Wednesday that Jackson native Katie Hale, who is a Board Member for the Scarlet Rope Project, earned the title.

According to the city, Hale’s nominator said that she helped to “spearhead the Scarlet Rope Project house being built” and that she “used her expertise and knowledge in a way that did nothing to benefit her but everything to benefit the organization and the women who would live there.”

After some time away from the city, she returned and looked for ways to serve.

“Like some of your other Hub City Heroes have said, we can just sit back and do nothing and be complainers or we can actually get involved,” said Hale. “So, I’m always looking for ways to get involved.”

Hale said to the city that people looking to help out their community should first think about what they are passionate about.

“What is it that you’re passionate about that you want to make a difference that will not just help our community but to help those that are forgotten,” said Hale. “Whether you have time or resource, find out what you’re passionate about. For me, I’m always looking at those that are the outcast and those that haven’t had a light shined on them.”

“Heroes know their strengths and they put their strengths to action. And those actions lead to positive growth in our community. Katie is no exception,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “Her strengths in knowledge of building and design lead her to be a part of the future of an organization will touch the lives of all who walk through the doors of the new home.”

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