Church hosts annual Cross Walk

MILAN, Tenn. — One church is sending a message to passersby.

First General Baptist Church completed their 15th annual Crosswalk through Milan Friday morning.

The church has a member play Jesus and carry the cross through town while two others dressed as Roman guards and a crowd shouted at him and hit him with rope.

Carl Glidewell said that they hope to send a message to people passing by and hope they take the Lord in their heart.

“That’s nothing to what Jesus went through, what I just did, and he did it for each and everyone of us. No matter whether you’re red, green, blue, black, white, purple. You know, he died for each and every one of us,” Glidewell said.

Glidewell said that First General Baptist Church will have a sunrise service Sunday beginning at 5:30 a.m. and anyone can come.

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