Nice Wednesday, Few Late Week Showers, Storm Chance Saturday

Tuesday Night Forecast Update

Tuesday Night Forecast Update for April 11th:

Tuesday was another picture perfect day across West Tennessee. If you loved the weather so far this week, you’re going to love Wednesday. Sunny skies and mid 70s are again on the way. Clouds will increase into the day on Thursday and although most of us will not see much, a few showers will be possible that could linger into Friday as well. Storms could return through on Saturday. We will have the latest details on who is most likely to encounter the showers and storms late in the week coming up here.

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The awesome weather will continued Tuesday across the Mid South including for us here in Jackson. Highs on Tuesday reached the mid 70s again. The winds will be light and come out of the southeast around 5 MPH tonight. Clear skies at night and calm winds will again make for a cool night with lows dropping down to the mid to upper 40s by Wednesday morning.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER THE NEXT 48 HOURS Wednesday 9:10 AM MILDA Knoxville WARM Oklahoma City Jackson Showers will linger into the day on Friday on the back side of the low pressure system. The showers will be most likely in the morning and tapering off across the Tennessee River into the afternoon Raleigh Jackson Montgomery HUMIT Savannah NEw eans Tallahassee Corpus Christi Tampa'



Wednesday will be our last sunny day but it will be a fantastic day as well. Highs on Wednesday will reach the mid 70s and Wednesday night lows will drop down to around 50°. The humidity could try to increase some overnight as a low pressure system along the gulf coast will begin to pump some moisture our way. The winds will be light out of the southeast most of the day.

May be an image of ‎map and ‎text that says '‎STORM TEAM WEATHER WARM Oklahoma City THE NEXT 48 HOURS Thursday 9:00 AM Little Rock Knoxville Jackson HUMID Huntsville MILD Raleigh It will be a Joe Nichols day on Wednesday for West Tennessee (Sunny & 75). Shower chances will return though Thursday/Friday! Jackson Alexandria Moomery Savannah New Orleans ن Tallahassee‎'‎‎



Clouds will increase into the afternoon on Thursday and some isolated shower activity could return. The showers are going to be pushed up from the south on the north side of a low pressure system. The best chances for rain will be areas south of Jackson. As the low pressure system moves to the north, shower coverage will increase overnight into the day on Friday. Highs on Thursday will reach the low 70s before the clouds move back in. Winds will shift to the east into the afternoon as the system gets a little closer. We are not expecting severe weather or strong storms from this weather system. Thursday night lows will dip down into the mid 50s.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv. com STORM TEAM 7 WEATHER FUTURECAST THU 1:00 PM RAIN a MIXED City 75° SNOW 76° Martin 75° Paris 74° Dyersburg 75° Some clouds few showers may return on Thursday & some isolated lingering showers are expected Friday. Trenton 75° Alamo 74° Camden 75° Huntingdon 74° 75° Jackson Covington 73° Brownsville 73° Lexington 73° Parsons 73° Henderson 70° Memphis 70° Somerville 72 Bolivar 69° Selmer 63° Savannah 64°'


Showers will linger into the day on Friday on the back side of the low pressure system. The showers will most likely be tapering off across the Tennessee River into the afternoon/evening. We are not expecting a lot of rain or storms from this system. Highs on Friday will make it up to around 70° and could be warmer if the sun returns into the afternoon. In general though, we are expecting mostly cloudy skies on Friday. The winds will come out of the south into the afternoon. Friday night lows will be warm and fall into the upper 50s due to the increasing dew points from the south winds.


The next chance for storms in West Tennessee will return this weekend. There appears to be a cold front that will pass Saturday night that could usher in a round of storms. We are not real confident in the timing or severity of the event right now across the Mid South. We will keep an eye on the forecast as the week progresses but as of now, it does NOT look like a major event for us. Highs on Saturday will reach the upper 70s before the cold front passes. Highs will reach the upper 60s on Sunday. We are expecting the rain and storm chances to clear out by Sunday morning. Saturday night lows will fall to the low 50s and mid 40s will return Sunday night. The winds will come out of the southwest on Saturday before shifting back to the north on Sunday behind the front.  Expect plenty of clouds on Saturday with some sun returning by Sunday afternoon.


March started out chilly but the humidity and warmer weather returned by the end of  month leading to a regional tornado outbreak March 31st. The next chance for rain and storms will return towards the end of the week, we have likely seen our last freeze of the Spring too.  You need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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