Investigation continues after West Bemis students hospitalized

JACKSON, Tenn. — An incident at a local middle school lands four students in the hospital.

According to Greg Hammond, Chief of Public Information for the Jackson-Madison County School System, first responders were called to West Bemis Middle School Wednesday, regarding four eighth grade students that had eaten a gummy-like substance.

According to Principal Richard Willis, after ingesting this substance, they displayed “adverse reactions” which led to the kids being taken to the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, and the parents of the students were quickly notified.

“The students involved are responsive and in the care of health professionals, two students have since been discharged from the hospital, while two remain on observation we’re told for a few more hours,” Hammond stated Wednesday evening.

The principal also says the incident was brought to the attention of school staff by students who utilized quick thinking and made a smart decision.

“We’re currently in the process of determining when and how the substance was brought on campus, and so again it’s currently under investigation,” said Hammond.

Stories similar to this have happened in other places as well. In August 2022, a six-year-old student in Flint, Michigan distributed THC-infused gummies to her classmates that she found in her home. This resulted in the mother of the child serving a one year sentence for fourth degree child abuse.

As for this case at West Bemis Middle School, authorities are still investigating to find out what the gummy-like substance was.

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