Jackson native on the road to recovery

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson native, professional singer and songwriter, Laurice Lanier is a recognized name in the Hub City community for her talents and contributions to the arts.

Laurice Lanier is a South Side graduate, and a student of Julliard Music School in New York City.

According to Emma Lanier, the mother of Laurice Lanier, after catching COVID-19 in 2022, she developed gout. Little did she know, this form of arthritis would soon take a drastic turn.

“So she went to the doctor and he prescribed, he gave her medicine Prednisone at first and he said if this doesn’t work, then take the Allopurinol,” said Emma Lanier.

Emma Lanier said that Laurice Lanier took the Allopurinol because the gout was getting severe. She said, at first, it did help increase her mobility without the gout. But out of nowhere, there started to be a change in her appearance.

“Then all of the sudden, I’m telling you, her lips started turning red. She was actually bleeding from her lips and it got so severe she couldn’t even swallow,” Emma Lanier said.

Once they noticed these effects, Laurice Lanier and her family headed to the hospital. Once there, they learned her body had a negative reaction to the Allopurinol.

“It changed her color of her skin and now she’s peeling, and what it did, I don’t know. It messed up her total appearance. Her skin, everything,” said Emma Lanier.

All over her body was a rash, from the top of her head all the way down to the toes.

Now, her doctors are working with dermatologists to figure out exactly what to do to get her back to what she looked like before.

“It did a reaction in her that is unreal. We went to the doctor today, and he was saying he would never have prescribed that if he had known it was going to give her that reaction,” Emma Lanier said.

Laurice Lanier is on the road to recovery, from reoccurring doctor visits to the love and support from her family. And doctors are saying they believe that with enough hard work, they can get her back to what she looked like before.

“I want to thank everybody for their love and support and that I am working to get better, and I just thank you for your prayers,” Laurice Lanier said. “And everything that you’ve done for me.”

In January of 2023, Laurice Lanier relaunched her Lanier Studios business to teach vocal lessons to all ages. But since then, she has had to take a step back due to her health and physical limitations.

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