Donation to help the purchase of newborn sleep sacks

JACKSON, Tenn. — A donation of $10,000 was given to help West Tennessee’s babies sleep more soundly and safely.

Photos of the Ayers Children’s Center Foundation Board presenting a Sleep Sack to Victoria and Dalton Swaffard along with their daughter Isabella for their newborn son Jameson Swafford. Others in the photo are board members Jennifer Alford, Jennifer Carnal,Heath Williams and Brandi Wilson. (Please note that subjects are not in left to right order according to their names.)

According to a news release, the Ayers Children’s Medical Center Advisory Board gave the donation to help buy 1,250 sleep sacks for the West Tennessee Healthcare Women’s Center.

One was given to Victoria and Dalton Swafford and their newborn on Thursday, April 6 at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, the release says.

“It was a special moment for members of the advisory board to present one of the sleep sacks to the Swafford family,” said Heath Williams, Chair for the advisory board. “Our hope is that by providing funding for these sleep sacks, we can save even one baby’s life.”

The release says, according to the Tennessee Department of Health, there were 115 infant sleep-related deaths in 2020 that were preventable. The majority of these were the result of “unsafe bedding or toys in the child’s sleep environment.”

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