Nursery owner shares tips for planting season

JACKSON, Tenn. —¬†With the arrival of warmer weather, many West Tennesseans will be outdoors for planting season.

Jeff Flowers, the owner of Nursery North, shared one of the biggest mistakes you can make when planting.

“Just don’t get overwhelmed. Do a little bit at a time. We got people we see two or three times a day. Biggest thing you can do is buy too much and be overwhelmed with trying to get it all planted and designed the way you want,” said Nursery North owner Jeff Flowers.

He also explained that preparation is another key factor.

“Biggest thing is just preparation, getting your beds prepared. The planting is the easy part. Just making sure you got the soil amended and the preparation the way it needs to be, and what you need for shade or sun or what grows good. Whatever the side of the house you might have it on or in the back. How much sun you get can dictate a lot of things,” Flowers said.

According to Flowers, some things are easier to plant and grow than others. Some vegetables that are easier to grow are tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash.

As far as flowers, he says tropicals tend to be the easiest. They are also the easiest to maintain due to being able to take the extreme heat.

“We carry tons and tons of color, a lot of tropicals, a lot of other things too. But if you want something when it gets really hot, I would stay with something that is made for the heat,” Flowers said.

Flowers said with the severe storms West Tennessee has been experiencing, some ways to protect your garden after planting is by setting up wind barriers around your garden beds.

You can do so by using heavy bags of potting soil, rocks, or sand. Place large buckets weighted with heavy rocks over individual plants to protect them. Large plants and shrubs may be wrapped in burlap and secured with twine.

Flowers said if you’re needing help designing your garden, that Nursery North offers designing for free.

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