Teacher salaries, charter schools discussed

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School Board held a special work session, discussing several important topics.

Teacher Salaries Charter Schools Discussed During Meeting

The committee in charge of doing the necessary research regarding a potential charter school addressed the school board.

This committee has interviewed various people around the state and has done research related to charter schools. They presented their information on Tuesday.

“Essentially, they made findings. They laid out information for the board members to consider. It is not the Ad Hoc Committee’s job to make a vote. The Ad Hoc Committee simply provided findings from research and interviews that they held. So our board members now have that information,” said Greg Hammond, the Chief of Public Information for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

They plan to address this issue in a meeting next week. Within this week’s meeting, the superintendent also addressed teacher salaries.

Teacher Salaries Charter Schools Discussed During Meeting

According to school officials, they were previously ranked 108th in salaries. With the increases they have done since then, the school system is now ranked 40th in the state.

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“So that’s progress. So I think the task for the board members is to help continue that momentum,” Hammond said.

They also talked about increasing safety in the schools, like the idea of having a school resource officer in all 26 schools.

Teacher Salaries Charter Schools Discussed During Meeting

The school system said they are excited to be having these conversations, as keeping students and faculty safe is a priority.

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The school system said all of the things begin with a conversation, and that is what these meetings are about.

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