Rockabilly fans reserve their spot to cheer

JACKSON, Tenn. —It was a beautiful day for those who had the chance to pick out their designated seat in this Jackson stadium.

This event for Jackson Rockabilly season ticket holders, was held to pick their seats for the season.

For those who don’t have season tickets, this was also a time for them as well, as they could purchase season tickets, and pick their seat for the upcoming season.

Season ticket holders will have their name on the back of the seat, a reserved stick on the front of the seat, and those seats are the ticket holders seats for any event held at the Jackson Rockabilly’s Stadium.

“We try to explain to them, we have a chart where the seats are at, but until you come and physically sit in a seat that you want… It’s a ‘pick a seat’ so they get to select their seats today if they had not done that already,” said Dennis Bastien, Ceo/President, Jackson Rockabillys.

This is the first pick a seat for the Rockabillys and they plan to make this a reoccurring day.

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