JMCSS provides needed support to students

JACKSON, Tenn. — One team is pairing with the community to make a difference in the lives of students.

Parkview Prep Academy School Photo From JMCSS

The Jackson-Madison County School System Social and Behavioral Services team provides support to their students in numerous areas, as 45% of students in the district are classified as economically disadvantaged and 296 students have been identified as experiencing homelessness.

“We have hygiene kits available. We recently received a grant where we’re able to buy washers and dryers for schools. So we currently have washers and dryers available to our McKinney-Vento students, which are our homeless population,” said Dr. Shalonda Franklin, the Chief of Social and Behavioral Services in the school system.

Parents can also receive support through A Mom’s Book Club and even parenting classes.

For those in the McKinney-Vento community, or low income homes, food can be requested as well, including cold foods through a recent expansion of the pantry.

“We partnered with Salvation Army, and we’re excited that we were able to get freezers and a refrigerator to keep cold food. We had a pantry with non-perishable foods, but it became, you know, an enhancement to have the cold food,” Franklin said.

With school coming to end for summer break, some may be concerned over the programs moving forward over the break.

“All those programs, they will continue. The program such as, you know, the parent cafes and the book clubs, those not so much. But the main things like the food in any of those hygiene items or, you know, those of that nature. Yes, those will definitely continue,” Franklin said.

If you would like to help students, along with the JMCSS Social and Behavioral Services team, email or call (731)-664-2500.

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