Local family speaks on their success in the food industry

JACKSON, Tenn. — As a popular restaurant reopens in the hub city, we sat down with the family on their food service success.

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You may not know it, but the Richmond family doesn’t just run the newly reopened Saucy Jake’s, but they also run Skillet Junction, which opened in October of  last year and Peppermint Addies, which has been open since October of 20-21.
The Richmond family says it’s busy but fun to run all three businesses, and they look forward to opening another in the future.
They say their inspiration was family and creating something to pass down to their children.
Jacob Richmond Sr. tells us how they learned to cook such great food. “A lot of the cooking skill came from a lot of trial and error. We watched a lot of food network when we were really young. When me and my wife first got together, that was a hobby of ours to watch the food network channel. And we like to practice and we love to entertain, so we got a chance to try a lot of different inventions out on people like that,” explained Richmond Sr.

The family says their businesses touch on all the meals of the day. From breakfast at Skillet Junction to lunch at Saucy Jakes, and finally dessert at Peppermint Addies.

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