City of Jackson celebrates National Day of Prayer

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson celebrated National Day of Prayer.

City Of Jackson Celebrated National Day Of Prayer

The Jackson Area Ministerial Association sponsored the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning.

Many people spoke at the event following the meal, the first of which was Mayor Scott Conger as he got the chance to thank people for serving their community.

“And everyone here, thank you for your servant’s heart. Thank you for serving the Lord, thank you for serving your city in any capacity that you do. And we wish God’s continued blessings on unity and his continuous blessings on our city. Thank you,” Conger said.

People from all parts of the city were in attendance and participated in the event, including educators, various churches and business, community leaders, and many more.

City Of Jackson Celebrated National Day Of Prayer

Conger believed this was very important for everyone to be able to come together.

“We’re the Hub City for a reason. Jackson’s a great place. We have so many people that are so committed not only to each other, but to the city and the community as well. This just gives us another opportunity to come together and worship together, to show each other that we’re better when we’re together. I think the prayer for unity really touched on we have to cheer for each other. We have to be there for each other and not just our own self interests,” Conger said.

One of the biggest things that was taken away from this event was the topic of unity and how leaders from all over the community can come together for one goal.

City Of Jackson Celebrated National Day Of Prayer

“It’s very important because it shows the community that if we as pastors and leaders can’t come together to show unity, it’s hard for the community to be able to see the unity. Hopefully, they’ll see us on board and then they will be able to come on board as well,” said Pastor James Barlow, with Yeshuwah Breakthrough Ministries.

This is an event that happens every year on the National Day of Prayer.

There was another Day of Prayer celebration at the Madison County Courthouse after this event.

In Carroll County, the Chamber of Commerce also hosted an event at the Carroll County Airport.

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