No Mow May? Good intentions, bad approach, critics say

(AP)—There’s a growing movement called No Mow May that asks people to abstain from mowing their lawns until June first. The intention is admirable.

The idea is to let grass and weeds grow and bloom to provide food and shelter for essential pollinators early in the season, when that’s hard for them to find.

But AP gardening columnist Jessica Damiano thinks it’s not a good idea. For one thing, she says, some of those bees and butterflies you’re trying to protect might get shredded with the first mow of the season.

And grass that’s shaded by tall weeds can get fungal diseases. Also, weeds and invasive plants that take hold won’t disappear once the mowing commences.

She says it’s better to plant native plants or wildflowers instead of grass.

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