JPD K9 retires after 10 years of service

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local K9 is going into a well-deserved retirement.

Officer K9 Pax

Officer K9 Pax has completed his time with the Jackson Police Department, but not after helping serve his community alongside Officer Jeremy Stines.

One highlight of their career was when the pair helped in the arrest and conviction of Urshawn Miller, who shot and killed a store clerk in a robbery in November of 2015.

“K9 Pax received national recognition. United States Police K9 Association presented Officer Stines and K9 Pax with the National Patrol Case of the Year Award,” said Jackson Police Chief Thom Corley.

Officer K9 Pax

According to Sgt. Brandon Moss, K9 police dogs usually work with the force for around eight to 10 years.

When the dog’s physical health performance starts to decline, they get the chance to retire.

The K9’s handler always gets the first pick to adopt the dog. If adopted, the K9 will live their days as a normal pet for the rest of their lives.

Moss explained why K9 dogs are important to the force.

“They live in a different world than we do, as far as being able to scent and smell things that we can’t. And we’re able to harness that so that they can locate and detect things that we can’t, whether it’s a violent person, or drugs, or explosives. They provide that facet to the department that just makes the community safer,” Moss said.

Pax is 10-years-old. The department wished Pax a happy retirement on Facebook, saying in part, “Enjoy rolling around in the grass with no worries.”

Stine will not be working alone though. The department says that K9 Nico will be his new partner.

The department says that Nico is a Belgian Malinois dual-purpose trained for patrol/explosives detection.

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